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Events Portfolio


Perrier’s Gym & Juice

June – August 2018

THE BRIEF: An experiential event and sampling campaign to promote Perrier’s new product, Perrier & Juice.

THE OUTCOME: In collaboration with Y7 Yoga Studio, I created a pop-up experience that added a bit of fitness and color to Glendale’s Americana on a sunny Summer Saturday. In addition, a sampling campaign was produced for seven days of sampling product around Los Angeles.

MY ROLE: Account Management, Lead Producer; Organized sampling campaign in seven different locations with trucking and staffing logistics.

FUN FACT: Paul Scheer and June Diane Raphael made an appearance at the event and Shia LaBeouf was spotted while we were sampling!

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Jack Daniel’s Neighborhood Flavor

May – August 2018

THE BRIEF: Produce a campaign to promote the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey brand among key markets.

THE OUTCOME: A five-week tour over the course of six weeks with an outdoor activation that had a Block Party feel.

MY ROLE: Production Coordinator

FUN FACT: I worked every single day (including weekends) in August 2018 due to this project and the Perrier project.

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Netflix FYSEE 2018

April – May 2018

THE OUTCOME: An immersive experience highlighting 20+ NETFLIX shows for the Emmy’s “For Your Consideration” campaign.

MY ROLE: Production Coordinator

FUN FACT: I had the opportunity to hang out on the Arrested Development stair car. My pride and joy for the project was having a pair of 5’ headphones fabricated and vagina balloons made.

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Basil Hayden’s Bourbon In Residence

June – October 2017

THE BRIEF: Create and produce a campaign to promote the brand based on the topic of hospitality.

THE OUTCOME: A four-market tour two- to three- day event series for trade and consumers in tandem with ideas from the local field team. We scouted and rented local houses in each market and completely flipped them to emanate the brand.

MY ROLE: Project Management; Account Management; Production; On-Site Creative Assistance. Organizing multi-day events all at once took time management and extreme organization within my team. Once we hit the ground running, I lead my team to ensure that every box was checked between production, account, and creative.

FUN FACT: I slept in three of the four houses we produced the event in, so I literally lived and breathed work while on-site at all times.

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Variety Power of Women

March - April 2016

THE BRIEF: Design and produce Variety’s Power of Women Luncheon in NYC for our second consecutive year.

MY ROLE: Account, Production, Sponsor Coordination.

FUN FACT: I worked the event with henna on my hands because I was in a friend’s wedding the following day.

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Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Among Friends

September 2016 – January 2017

THE BRIEF: Create and produce a campaign to promote the brand based on a partnership with local makers in each market.

THE OUTCOME: A six-market one-day event for local trade members.

MY ROLE: Account and Production Coordination.

FUN FACT: Lead producer on final leg of tour in Austin in January 2017.

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Web Design Portfolio


5 Senses

An experiential collective website design.
• Sourced royalty free images
• Created blueprint for most efficient way to portray information


Evergreen Goddess Retreats

A yoga retreat website design.
• Used photoshop to create branded images
• Designed to client’s vision

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Yoga with Regan

A yoga teacher’s website design.
• Designed to client’s vision
• Created one single/parallax scrolling page